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Grelinette / Breigaffel


Grelinette / Breigaffel

Grelinette / Breigaffel kommer i tre varianter: 3, 4, eller 5 tinder

bredde melom ytterste tinder:

3-tinder: 23cm, vekt uten skaft: 1,8kg

4-tinder: 34cm, vekt uten skaft: 2,4kg

5-tinder: 45cm, vekt uten skaft: 2,9kg

avstand melom tindene er 10cm.

Arbeidsdybde: ca. 23cm

farge: grønn

skaft følger med.

Ferre de Terre

Ferre de Terre

The "Fer de Terre" broadfork is a product designed and marketed by the company Chaland Palmieri, a company with 25 years of experience in the all the procedures involved in tube technology in the most varied materials: copper, aluminium, steel, high yield stress stainless steel  and titanium.

CHALAND-Palmieri offers its expertise to automotive, petroleum equipment, paramedical, and fluid transport manufacturers, amongst many others...

In the light of this experience and with a view to protecting the environment we felt that it was important to be able to offer an ergonomic tool, facilitating the work of the gardener, while supporting the preservation of the ecosystem.

And so the Fer de Terre was born.


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